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Raiden was born with multiple medical issues. PKS was finally diagnosed when he was one year old. We did notice Raiden was having some type of seizure when he was young and as he got older he started having epilepsy type and silent seizures. Raiden has had two hip reconstruction surgeries with the most recent one last December. He is still having problems with that left hip. Raiden as far as we know is only the 2nd child born in the State of Hawaii. As far as we know he is the only child on Maui currently with PKS. Not much is known here with the doctors. So we fly to Oahu the second island over from us for all doctor visits. Raiden can sit for about 2 mins on his own. He loves vibrating toys (zvibe) and loves, loves music. He wears AFO’s and a hip brace. He has PT, OT, Speech. In his private PT he loves the adapted bike. Altho she pushes him from the back, he loves it. He loves swinging. Raiden is now in kindergarten but he is home bound so he doesn’t physically attend school. He smiles all the time.