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Andrew is the inspiration over the last 16 years for many of our family’s success. All compassion, empathy, drive and tight relationships is a direct result of loving, parenting, being a sibling to, this very special now 16 year old with PKS or Pallister Killian Syndrome. He has changed our worlds, and if you are open, he will change yours too. We need more kids like Andrew to humble us, to focus on what matters, and learn to see silver linings lie in every situation. Andrew is the epitome of kindness. He will look straight into your soul if you take the time to look into his. His resilience after multiple surgeries shows us that he has desire to be all he is capable of being! Andrew does not apologize for who he is. He is an inspiration to us all to be our authentic selves. We adore this young man, and we feel thankful he is ours!

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